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How to choose a family

If you have decided to move forward with an adoption plan, you may have a good idea about the kind of family or lifestyle you want for your child. If you prefer, we can select a family for you. You are welcome to be as involved as you would like in choosing your baby’s adoptive parents.

We begin by asking you to identify the criteria most important to you. Perhaps you wish your child to be raised in a city, a suburb or a small town, or with a family of a particular faith, or with adoptive parents who have similar hobbies or share your beliefs and values. 

Once we know your preferences, we provide you with letters and pictures of families that fit your criteria. The profiles give you a snapshot into the adoptive parent’s lives and may include information about their relationship, families, careers, hobbies, lifestyle and much more.

Whichever family you choose, you will have peace of mind knowing your child will be raised in a safe, secure, and loving home. All of our adoptive parents must meet strict state and agency  requirements, including a comprehensive examination of their employment history, home, physical and emotional health, finances, and personal relationships. Criminal background checks are also required.

In addition, adoptive families receive professional counseling and training to prepare them for the unique aspects of adoptive parenting. Educational topics vary but may include an explanation of the adoption process and benefits of open adoption, racial or cultural diversity training, and how to talk to kids, extended family and friends about adoption.

For several months after the placement, a social worker from the Adoption Center for Family Building will monitor your child’s development and how the adoptive family is adjusting.

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