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Client Reviews

Adriana B.

ACFB was not our erst adoptive agency we have explored, but it was the right place for us. They genuinely care about everyone involved in the adoption process,including the birth mothers. They were honest, helpful and supportive. We will forever be grateful, that thanks to ACFB our family is complete.

Amy W.

It was a pleasure to work with Maggie and the rest of the staff at Adoption Center for Family Building. They were great at answering our questions and providing guidance at each step. We were happy with the support we received and the kindness they showed us and the Birth Parents.

Ben V.

Barbara is a very pleasant person to work with, she made us feel comfortable every step of the way. At times during our process we faced difficulties but with her guidance we were able to stay focused and achieve our goal.

Jeff B.

Was a seamless, enjoyable process. Maggie set appropriate expectations and her staff was excellent. I couldn't imagine life without Thea(almost 19 months)!

Robin R.

Everyone at this organization is amazing. They offer unending support and guidance through what may easily the most dimcult but rewarding journey in life.

Maura V.

We have been so fortunate to become parents to two beautiful girls through ACFB adoptions. We knew we were in such good hands the erst time around that we trusted them for our second adoption as well. Jill was a fantastic home study counselor, very informative and friendly. Tobi kept in touch during our entire stay at the hospital and made sure we were receiving all the accommodations we were entitled to. We are forever grateful to the ACFB staff for the role they each played in my husband and I becoming parents.

Stacey Korovilas-Varnasidis

Dear Future Parents, follow your heart and don't give up on your dreams of adopting a child. It's the best decision we have ever made and Adoption has forever changed our lives and has made our dreams come true of becoming a family of three.

The entire staff at Adoption for Family Building is knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, understanding and always quick to return calls and answer all of our questions and concerns. It is a small agency with amazing birthparent and adoptive parent counselors that truly cares about the birth parents and the adoptive parent's entire adoption journey.

We now have a beautiful baby girl and couldn't be happier and we owe it all to ACFB. ACFB is Awesome!

Dan N.

Very helpful agency. We had a unique process due to the nature of the child we adopted.

They were very supportive and informative.

Melissa W.

We adopted our daughter 8 years ago and had a great experience. All of the counselors were good and handled our situation very well. We are forever grateful. We loved the Adoption Center for Family Building because it was smaller and more personal than many of the other organizations.

Jennifer K.

Everyone I dealt with was so kind to us. They did go above and beyond for our family. I would recommend them.

Kevin F.

My wife and I adopted our son with the help of your team from Indiana. We were incredibly happy at how quickly we were matched (4 months!) and loved Jill- our counselor, Maggie and the rest of the team in house. We called/emailed many times with questions throughout the process and were always met with a happy, helpful, kind and loving response. It was truly a pleasure to work with everyone at ACFB from start to elated finish!

Michelle Clark

that they are an amazing center and are here for all women and children

Keiry Hernandez

Becky Crawford

Maura Caitlin

We adopted our beautiful daughter through ACFB. They walk you through the entire process which can seem overwhelming at erst. The birth parent counselors are extremely supportive and treat the birth families with respect and dignity.

Lisa Gelfond

We had an amazing experience with this agency. The counselors are open minded, supportive of birth mothers and prospective adoptive families.

Jennifer Tully-Diehl

We really appreciated working with a smaller agency we felt like we got great support and guidance!

Kristin Kucala

After checking into several different agencies we ended up using ACFB. They were supportive through the entire process and were always available to answer any questions we had. The entire staff is exceptional. We are now a family of 3 and not only did they provide us support they provided wonderful support for our son's birthparents as well.

Corey Thoss

We are currently utilizing the services of ACFB. Whenever we have questions, concerns, or needs, they respond promptly and fully answer all of our questions.

Penni Raphaelson

We recently welcomed our second child into our family thanks to the great support of ACFB. With both of our children they were there supporting us through the process and continued to support us after placement as we continue to develop a deeper relationship with our children's birth mothers. We always recommend ACFB when someone asks us about adoption.

Brian S Moak

After interviewing several local agencies, we chose ACFB. The greatest decision we could have ever made! They are so supportive, caring, and gave the most loving and thoughtful guidance before, during and after we adopted our son! We are forever grateful to ACFB for the way they helped us accomplish the greatest gift of our lives!!!

Seth Carlson

Adam White

Qianis Gonzalez

Nacole Love Faith

Josephine Vitale

Barbara Perce was our counselor and she was great! She helped us get through a stressful patch. I would recommend her.

Maria Storm

Everyone I worked with at Adoption Center for Family Building was extraordinarily competent, thoughtful and supportive throughout the adoption process. I would not dream of using any other adoption agency in the future!


Adoption Center for Family Building is a great organization with wonderful counselors! They work closely with adoptive and birth parents, providing an individualized approach.

Demetrios Varnasidis

amazing agency. friendly..honest and accurate in their process

Linda Neill

Dear future parents, follow your hearts and don't give up! Adoption Center for Family Building is a caring, professional agency who will help you through the amazing journey of adoption. We adopted our 4 year old and 18 month old daughters through Adoption Center for Family Building. ACFB IS AWESOME!! We adopted our 6 year old daughter from another agency; our daughter is perfect, but our experience with that agency was less than good. We also had begun working with a couple of other agencies prior to ACFB and had unpleasant experiences. I mention these other experiences in this review because we actually have experiences to compare our ACFB experiences with.. The entire staff at Adoption Center for Family Building is caring, responsive and thorough. Maggie is someone who has impacted our lives forever...how can I put into words all that she is and did. Maggie was always honest, she set up realistic expectations, she cares for the families and birth mothers, she really & truly cares. Maggie is knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and always quick to return calls. We truly cannot say enough good things about our experiences.


Penni Raphaelson

We had such a great experience with ACFB. We loved that they are a smaller agency so we felt that we got very personal attention, from the first meeting through placement we always meet 1-on-1 with staff. I could call at anytime and they knew who I was and I was able to get answers to my questions quickly. Once we were matched with my son's birthparents the staff at ACFB were so attentive (we only had 5 days from match to birth so things moved so fast) I really felt like we had 100% of their attention, even on the weekend. Even months after placement I felt very comfortable calling with questions. We look forward to working with ACFB again when we are ready to grow our family. I would 100% recommend them to anyone considering adoption.


Peter Lechman

We adopted 2 children using ACFB. They are wonderful. Their approach is professional yet warm and welcoming and we felt involved throughout the entire process. Their policy of openness regarding costs, typical wait times, number of placements, etc., was refreshing when compared to other agencies we looked at. We were well-supported throughout the process. We have recommended this agency to many other people and will continue to do so. They are truly an exceptional organization in every way!


Lisa Ritter

We had a great experience. We loved that the agency was small enough to know everyone and therefore really help and meet your needs. They helped us find our son, and we are so happy and in love! We could never say thank you enough! Our family is now complete and we have never been happier!


Jay Horan

We had a wonderful experience with ACFB. They were attentive to our needs and supportive. We were matched quickly and everything went smoothly. More than anything I was incredibly impressed by the support they give the birth mothers, a factor that I feel is often overlooked by most agencies. I would recommend them to anyone!


Tina Hiller

This adoption agency is great! Lots of personal touch and they truly care about the adopting families and birth parents. They continue to be a resource today more than 2 years after the adoption of our son.


Amy Crawford

We had a terrific experience with ACFB. Tobi was a great advisor and guide through the process. It's a small agency that truly cares about birthparents and adoptive parents. When an agency has only two counselors for adoptive families, and they are the Executive Director/Clinical Director and co-founders of the agency, with 50 years of experience between them, you can be confident you are getting a high-quality service. My spouse and I are a same-sex couple, and while there are other agencies that seem to do higher volumes of placements to same-sex couples, we thought ACFB was a good fit for us, and the agency always treated our relationship with great respect. I know there is no "typical" adoption experience, but we were fortunate to be contacted by a birthmom within six months of putting up our profile, and we adopted our son three months later. I have only positive things to say about this agency and especially Tobi.


Barbara Siargos

We worked with ACFB for the adoption of both of our children and were very pleased with the family-oriented and very knowledgeable practice. They knew us by name, provided us with a personalized adoption plan (which was different for each child), and guided us through each step of the way until our adoptions were finalized. We continue to keep in touch and donate to the agency so they can continue to do wonderful work helping connect hopeful adoptive parents with birthmothers.


Amber Nicole

I placed my daughter two years ago. And Mary was such a great advocate. I couldn't be more happy with the parents I chose to raise my little girl. We keep in touch daily.


Alicia Duffy

I was so impressed with ACFB's ability to empathize, their professionalism, and desire to be a resource for all parties involved. Very responsive and kind. We would work with them again in a heart beat.


James Kirkpatrick

Of all the adoption agencies we interviewed, ACFB was by far the best and the experience throughout the process was even better. My wife and I were motivated to get through the process quickly and they worked with our schedules, gave us sound advice and top notch referrals. We now have beautiful baby girls and couldn't be happier and we owe it all to ACFB.


Michael Lovesee

Our experience with ACFB was the best anyone could expect. Everyone was extremely personable and always available when we had questions or concerns.


Sandy Olney

My husband and I have adopted two wonderful boys through ACFB. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and other family members looking to adopt. They were with us through the whole journey and always had an answer for the many questions that we had and some of the struggles we encountered.


Samantha Seabolt

My whole experience with both my boys I gave to a wonderful family through this company was outstanding! I'd do it all over again.


Jane Harel

Amazing experience! I highly recommend this group to anyone looking to find a home for your child.


Michael Bishop

We had a great experience pre and post adoption.


Jessica Fletcher


Amanda Reid


Gina Waldrop


Matt Horan

The staff with ACFB has been wonderful to work with throughout this whole process. From our very first meeting, we were welcomed in with open arms and excitement to start this journey of our domestic adoption. The counselors that we dealt with personally in assisting in the home study completion and those that worked directly with our birth mother were exceptionally great. Having that support gave us the peace of mind for a process that can become very hard and stressful at times. Any family would be lucky to work with ACFB.


Marjorie A

I have worked with other adoption agencies, but ACFB really was my best experience. They had a true commitment to the success of everyone in the process from the birth parents to the children and their adoptive families.

As a single adoptive mom, I thought ACFB was really thoughtful about how to help me through the adoption process. I also thought their overall methodology worked better for my situation than others had and that they were more compassionate all around. The adoption counselor, who was a birthmother herself was amazing throughout my fall through and then eventual successful placement.

I now have my two beautiful boys and my family is complete. I couldn't be happier with the services of ACFB and would definitely recommend them!


Gina E

We had a great experience with ACFB adopting our twins. Everyone was very helpful and made sure everything went smoothly. They were always there to answer questions and guide you through.


Marci Adams

We had 2 great experiences with ACFB building our family through adoption. They were a pleasure to work with, highly competent and professional, sensitively balancing everyone's needs.


Marlee Hasson

Adoption center for family building is the best adoption agency in Illinois and Indiana . Their staff is very professional and caring . They really care about adoptive parents , birth parents and asoptees .Their resources are really top notch . I can't say enough how much they help adoptive families.


Dan Phillips

ACFB is staffed with wonderful, friendly professionals. They ushered us through the adoption process with just the right mix of support and expertise. I could not recommend them strongly enough.


Olivier Pasquier

Used their services from the IL office twice both for International (home study) and Domestic adoptions. Wonderful experience both times. Very helpful through the whole process and always ready to help accommodate for special circumstances


Jacqui Scott


Tracy Van Slyke


Kathryn Kirkpatrick


Jessica Fletcher


Alicia D.

We are so thankful for all the guidance, patience and expertise which allowed us to welcome our son into our family. Adoption Center for Family Building excels in supporting both the birth mom and adoptive family through this sometimes stressful - certainly life changing journey. We picked this agency after much research. We are so happy we did! They lived up to our expectations. Our expectations included to partner with an agency that provided support for adoptive family AND birthmom, know the legal aspects of adoption in IL, have a typical wait time of under a year and have reasonable fees for their services. We wanted to know that our questions would be answered in a timely manner. We never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response from them. Because they all have experience in the adoption triad, they could relate. Often times answering questions that I didn't even know I had. There was no sugar coating or false promises. Just the plain info and unwavering support. Our son and birthmom are welcomed and treasured members of our family -- thanks to Adoption Center for Family Building. We worked with Maggie. She is incredible. Perfect for her life's work. Mary was our birthmom's counselor. She, too, was amazing. They both kept us informed every step of the way.


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Client Reviews

"We had an amazing experience with this agency. The counselors are open minded, supportive of birth mothers and prospective adoptive families."