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Kate and Scott

Hi there,
We met in college when we were still teenagers, and while sometimes it seems like the 17 years we’ve spent together is a lifetime in itself, a lot of the time we still feel like the kids we were when we met. Now that we are both in our mid-30s, so much about our lives has changed --we’ve moved, changed jobs, traveled thousands of miles, grown our household by two dogs (more on them in a bit!)--but what hasn’t changed is that we’re each other’s best friend, biggest cheerleader, and closest confidant.
About Kate (by Scott)
Kate is the kindest, most selfless person I know. She’s the friend you can share anything with and not worry about her judging you. As a learning specialist, she works with children of all ages that have learning disabilities to help them succeed in school. She gives them the tools they need to feel safer and more confident at school. She’s the teacher any parent would want their child to have because she’s fiercely dedicated to her students, but also knows when to share a laugh with them. And she’s the wife and best friend I’m so grateful to have in my life every day. Her laugh is so infectious that I can’t wait to tell her a joke or funny story just so I get to hear it. 
Kate is definitely the organized one, whether it’s scheduling family vacations, getting a group of friends together for dinner, or making sure we’ve packed enough snacks for an upcoming road trip. She loves nothing more than to snuggle on the couch with our dogs, reads more books than any other two people I know, and is definitely the person you want on your team for trivia night. I know Kate will be a loving mother and a tireless advocate for our family.
About Scott (by Kate)
Scott is the funniest person I know, and I’m not just saying that. Our friends and family agree - he tells the best stories, has great one-liners and keeps me and everyone around him smiling. He has such a calm, comforting personality and is incredibly patient. This shows up with me, with our dogs, and with our nieces and nephews. He’s the person I want to talk to when I’m stressed or need help, and he gives amazing hugs. He helps our nieces and nephews build Lego sets for hours, and always says yes when they ask to play yet another game of cards. Watching him with kids and our dogs, and knowing what a kind, compassionate person he is, makes me so excited to get to watch him be a dad and parent alongside him. 
Scott is a research and development chef. At work, he writes recipes that people around the country can cook at home. Luckily for me, he brings that talent home and still cooks delicious meals for us to share. He loves taking long bike rides, sometimes even riding to work. Recently he rekindled his love of music and started taking piano lessons and collecting records. He is also a great photographer and loves capturing memories on his camera.
We have lived in the same neighborhood near the lake for all of our 10 years in Chicago. It is the perfect mix of quiet and fun. There are two parks nearby, and we are a short walk to the lakefront path. Whether it’s walking by Lake Michigan, going out for weekend brunches at our favorite restaurants, or holidays and get-togethers with family who is a short drive away, it is a safe, comfortable, friendly neighborhood. We love living within walking distance to Wrigley Field!
We have been so many places together, near and far. We’re also big on traditions. Every other year, we go to Hawaii with Kate's whole family. It is our favorite place and we can’t wait to share it with a child. We also travel to Washington, D.C., regularly to visit Scott’s sister and her family, and to New York, where we lived together right after college. Close to home, we love celebrating holidays and birthdays with family. We also travel to Kate’s family’s cottage in northern Michigan every summer. 
We have many passions, but two of the biggest are our dogs, Stanley and Kona. We love them so much.  They have brought so much laughter and happiness to our lives. They are sweet, goofy and full of love. We like taking them for walks, going swimming, or just relaxing at home. They don't shed, so we encourage a lot of snuggling, and they love people of all sizes. We are looking forward to watching how they love and protect their human brother or sister.
We are both pretty silly, so finding cute videos on the internet or watching TV shows or movies that make us laugh until we cry happens a lot. Spending time with friends and family is also a big part of our lives. You might find us singing karaoke, playing board games, going to the pool or to the movies. We like watching and attending sporting events, especially Cubs baseball and Michigan football. 
We hope you get a sense of how much we love each other and the other important people and animals in our lives, and also how excited we are to become parents. We hope you will consider us as adoptive parents, and know that we want to share this story with you.
You can email us directly at KateScottACFB@gmail.com. or feel free to reach out to our adoption counselor Tobi Ehrenpreis: toll free (800) 869-1005,  text her at (847) 366-6351 or email tobi@centerforfamily.com
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.
Kate and Scott


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