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Shannon and Steve

Dear Expectant Mother,
Hi. We’re Shannon (36) and Steve (36). Thank you for taking the time to read our profile, and please know that we admire you. The bravery and courage you’re showing simply by considering adoption is truly heroic. If you decide to make this choice, we know it’s a choice made from pure love. We also know how important it is for you to find a great, loving home for your child, and we’d be honored and overjoyed if you’d consider us to provide that home. 
Our Story
Even at a young age, we’ve always talked about adoption and considered it a possible first choice to grow a family. After so many years of not getting pregnant, we know it’s time to move forward and do what we were meant to do. We’ve been married for almost ten years, but have been together for 18. It’s the true high school sweetheart story. We met as kids, were great friends for three years, fell in love, and haven’t looked back since! Now, the life we’ve built together is one we wouldn’t change for the world. 
We both love to read, talk and dream together, and explore nature. We rarely leave the house without some type of book on us. On Sunday mornings, we always have coffee together and talk, and usually later go on little journeys into the woods and forest preserves. On Saturday nights, you’ll find us cuddled on the couch watching movies, always with our dog-baby Casey right in between us. Casey is a little white poodle we’ve had for 11 years and is the cutest, most gentle and loving dog in the world. 
We think our life is truly a beautiful one. We have a very strong, loving bond with each other, and there’s so much more love in our hearts to share. Bringing a child into our home will be the final missing piece to complete this amazing story.
Steve on Shannon
Shannon is genuinely a shining light in this world. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever known and cares so deeply for people, even ones she has never met. Children are her everything, and her true calling in life. She runs a daycare and every day I see her face light up as she tells me cute and amazing stories about the kids at her work. Children are drawn to her, right from the start, because they know how special Shannon is. It’s such a joy to see, and I can’t wait to see her with our child. She’s raised so many kids over the years and cannot wait to be a mother herself. Her love and kindness, and also her intelligence and artistic passion, inspire me every single day.
Shannon on Steve
Steve is one in a million. He truly is the husband any girl would wish for. He’s super loving and kind, incredibly smart and funny, he’s the hardest worker I know, and his love for family outshines them all. Steve owns his own business doing Home Theater and TV Installation. He loves to see the looks on people’s faces after he sets up a new entertainment system for them that will add a little joy to their lives. He’s always so thoughtful, putting others before himself, and will make an amazing father. He’ll be the type of dad who builds forts or princess castles, wipes tears, and kisses boo-boos. I’ve seen him grow from a boy into a man. A man who loves and cherishes everything and everyone close to him.
Day-To-Day Fun Facts

-We both have a goofy side. We joke around with each other all the time and even make up silly word games just to have a little fun.

-We love music and between us know every song. If anything in conversation reminds Shannon of any lyrics, she will break into song at any moment.

-Our dog Casey is constant entertainment in our home. He’s super loving and cuddly, and also makes us laugh constantly because his silly personality matches ours perfectly.

-Steve loves to write poetry, short stories, and anything else. He even has a few books published on Amazon.

-Shannon loves photography. We go on lots of adventures to new spots in nature to find new pictures to capture.

Home and Community
We live in a quiet, friendly, safe, and diverse neighborhood in Chicago’s Northwest side. We always see lots of neighbors helping each other out, and kids playing together. There’s several great parks nearby, one in walking distance. There’s three great schools nearby to choose from, and best of all, Shannon’s mom and dad live just four doors down from our home.                                           
We are strong believers in passion, conviction, and an appreciation of life. Whatever or whomever someone wants to be, we believe they can and should go out and do it. The limits are endless. We value school and education, and growing intellectually. We believe learning is the key to a great future, but we will also value and encourage any artistic curiosity and personal development a child may have. Whether it be music, dance, the arts, the outdoors, or sports, we will nurture these interests just as much as a school education.
Other values we have in our home and will instill in a child are faith, family, love and acceptance, and equality. These are things we’re truly passionate about as well as encouraging a child to have their own voice and to be a free thinker. We are so excited to give a happy, healthy environment to a child, and to raise a child into a strong, kind, good person who will make a positive mark on this world.
Our Promise to You
We promise you that we will give your child a home filled with love, happiness and learning. We will make their life an adventure, and they’ll never lose their sense of wonder. We also promise that your child will always know you and that you made the choice of adoption for the best reasons with love in your heart. We know that heritage is important to a child, and you will have as much of a relationship with your child as you’re comfortable with. We look forward to getting to know you better.
If you think we may be the right family for your child, please contact us directly at ShannonandSteveACFB@gmail.com
You may also reach our adoption counselor Maggie Benz at (phone) 800-869-1005, (text) 847-366-6343, (email) maggie@centerforfamily.com 
With admiration and gratitude,
Shannon and Steve

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