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Niki and Nate

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We are Nate and Niki and would love the opportunity to be considered adoptive parents to your child. We can’t imagine your situation, or the difficult decisions that may be facing you right now. We can only thank you for allowing us to be a part of your thoughts as you go through your process.  
Who We Are:
We have been together for 16 years, married for almost 14 years. We can truly say we married our best friend. Our lives have been one big adventure and it just keeps getting better every day. We met at an after hours work function and hit it off right away. We were together only 6 months before we were engaged. When you know it’s right, you just know. We balance each other out and compliment each other's personality. Nate is methodical and likes to plan, I, on the other hand, can jump in with two feet and make adjustments as I go. 
We  love spending time together and can do almost anything and be happy, such as sitting outside enjoying the weather, cozying up on the couch and watching a movie, or going for walks on the nearby trails. Traveling and exploring new places are some of our favorite things to do.  We usually have a couple vacations a year and take life as one big adventure. Road trips are always fun. We love the magic of Disney World and go at least once a year. When we can go with our extended family, it makes it even more magical. We also love cruising and have gone to many different places, most recently to Alaska.  We are big kids at heart and can't wait to see the magic of the world through a child’s eyes.  
About Nate:
Nate is a loving man with strong family values. He is smart, has a great sense of humor, and is a fantastic cook. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with degrees in Finance and Accounting, is a bank executive and has been working for the same company for 20 years.
Nate is close with his family, has a younger brother, Ryan, and an older sister, Kristen.  Ryan lives close by and we get to see his kids, Max (5) and Jamie (9) often.  We have a family tradition of going to our town's winter festival and making gingerbread houses each year.  It is a challenge for all of us to try not to eat the building materials before we are through! Nate's dad (Robert) and sister (Kristin) live in Jacksonville, FL. Kristin got the musical talent of the family and plays the organ at church. Sadly, Nate’s mom passed away last year but we know she is looking down on us and ready to be a guardian angel. Nate's aunts and uncles live in the area as well.  He has 3 cousins, whom all have young children, and we usually get to spend holidays together. We can't wait until all of the little cousins can get together to play.  It gets a little nuts as the adults are outnumbered by the kids. 
Nate’s hobbies include cooking, sporting events, biking and working out.  He can often be found in the kitchen whipping up our next meal with the music going and him humming and dancing along. We love traveling and Nate loves planning our trips.  We can not go 6 months without some sort of trip. 
About Niki:
Niki has a fantastic family, they are loving, supportive and all around great people. Niki is very close with her mom and step-dad (Dana and John) and has a younger brother named Tim.  He and her parents live in northern California where she grew up. Luckily we see them quite often and we try to spend as much quality time with each other as possible.  Niki’s brother and his wife, Angie, have 2 boys that we simply adore.  Sebastian is now 16, which is hard to believe, and Leeroy is 4.  They are both really good kids. Sebastian has come to spend some time with us (his favorite aunt and uncle!) over summer vacations and it is a time that we treasure.  Her parents travel to Illinois often as her mom's family is still here. Niki has aunts and uncles in the area and tons of cousins and second cousins. Her mom is one of six kids so she has a big family and a lot of cousins!
Niki graduated from Roosevelt University and is a 4th grade teacher. She is creative, likes to learn new things, and enjoys reading. She typically is reading a couple books at one time and one is usually the latest kids book. Niki finds fun and creative things to do in class to help the kiddos learn. She has transformed the classroom into a mad scientist lab, Hogwarts, a rainforest and Candyland. She goes all out for her school kids and has been told by her principal that she is the most requested teacher in the school. She goes to students’ events and we have even traveled to Disney World to see former students perform a dance routine. Niki is passionate about learning and empowering children to reach their potential.   Once we become parents, we know that she will be doing this for our own child as he/she will become our top priority.  
Our Home:
The word that everyone uses when they describe our home is 'charming'. It has so much character and suits us perfectly. We live in a quaint community in the western suburbs of Chicago.  It's an ideal place to raise a family with a good sense of community. We take advantage of the nearby outdoor activities, including playing frisbee at one of the many nearby parks, going for a ride on the bike path, or kayaking down the river.  The library, pool, and park district are right down the street as well.  The downtown area is a few blocks away and they often have parades, carnivals, and other fun activities throughout the year.  
Why Adoption?
After we married, Niki made a career change and focused on finishing school.  It had always been a lifelong goal of hers to be a teacher and she had been taking classes while working full time to achieve that goal. This was a very slow process and unfortunately took longer than she would have liked.  By the time Niki graduated, got a job, and got settled in, we started talking about finally starting our family and realized that adoption would be the best way for us to grow our family.
What we have to offer as parents is our unconditional love, emotional and financial support, a safe and stable home, with strong core family values. The home will have laughter and silliness every day. We are a family who will give a child a life full of love, support, and opportunities to help them grow up to be the best version of themselves that they could possibly be.
There is so much that we wish and hope for a child, but what we know, and can promise you, is that they will have a wonderful life, one that is filled with everlasting and unconditional love.  They will know that they are loved by so many people and will grow up to be a very special person that adds so much to our world.  
Thank you for considering us in your decision. We look forward to chatting and meeting you in person. You may contact us at: nateandnikiACFB@gmail.com. You may also contact us through our adoption counselor, Tobi by calling (800) 869-1005, texting (847) 366-6351, or emailing tobi@centerforfamily.com
With love in our hearts,
Niki and Nate 



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