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Maggie and Daniel and James

Dear Expectant Parent(s),
Hello! Thank you so much for considering us as an adoptive family for your child. We are Daniel, Maggie and James and we are honored to have this opportunity to share our story with you. 
Our dual-national family began fifteen years ago in London, England. We met on a night out (while Maggie studied abroad for her master’s degree), and dated for three years before marrying in 2006. Soon after, we moved to a beautiful town outside of London with a castle, cathedral and a Victorian main street where Charles Dickens once called home. 
We tried for years to start a family, and finally sought treatment for infertility in 2012. Our son James was born in 2014 and has been such a special gift, bringing tremendous joy to us and our extended family. After James was born, we knew we wanted to share our love with another child. Our parents always told us, "When we are long gone you will always have your brothers/sisters…" and this is the same dream we have for our family. We want our children to form a bond with each other that will last a lifetime.
Unfortunately, complications from James’ birth left us unable to have a second child. This has been very difficult for us, and while the grief we have endured is different from the loss you are facing, we do have a sense of what it’s like to go through a significant heartache -- and we don’t take that lightly. Like others wished for us, we wish for you resilience in whatever comes.
Because of James, we know the challenges that parenting can bring and we believe that our experience with him only makes us better parents. 
About Daniel (by Maggie)
Daniel is literally my best friend and a wonderful husband and father. Watching him with James makes my heart melt. We have a very solid relationship, built on a closeness that comes from genuinely enjoying spending time together. I was drawn to him at first because he was tall, gentle, and had such a kind, sweet smile. On our second date, he went out of his way to treat me to a day out in the historic town of Canterbury, England. The amount of planning that he put into the day illustrates his considerate and thoughtful personality.
Daniel works a senior manager for a construction consulting firm, and he is the "Bob the Builder" around our house. He's a great problem solver and likes to take on projects like designing our back yard or building cabinets. We share similar senses of humor, values and interests.
About Maggie (by Daniel)
Maggie is a fantastic wife, an amazing mother, and I am so glad that she is part of my life. James is rightly "smitten" with her and it makes me incredibly happy every time I see them together. Maggie loves reading to James, teaching him songs, piano and laughing with him at the playground.  What drew me to Maggie originally was her sense of fun and approach to making the most out of every situation. I love how we complement each other. Maggie is very intelligent and works as a management consultant for a large firm. She's had some fantastic clients, including NASA!
We love travelling, and have spent a lot of time exploring the UK and cities across Europe. We spent our honeymoon in Hong Kong and Thailand.
About James
James is a sweet little boy who is full of energy and happiness. He is interested in anything to do with trucks, buses, trains and airplanes. He loves to be outside, playing at the park, or at any one of the many "tot lots" in our neighborhood. He also enjoys reading books, singing songs and playing with his friends. He is so excited about becoming a big brother. Whenever we see a baby he says, "I want a baby"!  We know he will make a fantastic big brother.
About Our Home
We live in a 4-bedroom house with a huge backyard. Our neighborhood is diverse with friendly neighbors and lots of children. We are within walking distance of the local elementary and middle school, and our district is one of the highest rated in the area. We live about 1 mile from Lake Michigan and love taking long walks to the beach and into town. We often visit the library, Children’s Museum, Aquarium, Botanic Gardens or indoor play spaces. We also love taking James to his soccer, music and art classes. 
Our home is a place filled with happiness, love and giggles. Picture your child riding a tricycle with their big brother and neighborhood kids up and down the sidewalk or going on an "adventure day" to a museum, parks or beach, or making pancakes with Mummy. These sorts of scenes will be common in our home. 
About Our Extended Family
Our extended families are very supportive of us and would love a new grandchild, niece/nephew and cousin. James has two sets of grandparents and five cousins (all girls!) ranging in age from 5-12. We also have a large and international group of friends who come to visit us often. They have been so supportive of our journey to become parents and would love to see us welcome another child.
Our Commitment to You 
We will always support and respect you. We want our children to know and understand the special and beautiful way we became a family. Our children will know and appreciate your courage and strength, and we are open to having as much communication and contact that is beneficial to everyone. We will raise your child with a sense of curiosity and awareness of the world. We look forward to inspiring compassion, empathy and a desire to help others. We will instill the value of education and support him or her in fulfilling his or her own dreams. And, we will always put the interests of the children first. Knowing the joy and support that having siblings creates, and we will teach our children to love each other always.
In Closing
Thank you once again for getting to know our family. If you would like to know more about us -- or just want to start a conversation -- please contact us at DanandMaggieACFB@gmail.com. You can also reach us through our adoption counselor Tobi, at 800-869-1005, (847) 366-6351 (text) or Tobi@centerforfamily.com.  
We look forward to writing the next chapter of our story, and we would be honored to include you and your child as part of it. We look forward to developing a relationship and finding a path forward together - just as families do.
With warmth,
Daniel, Maggie and James

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