Things I love about being an Adoption Counselor and working with pregnant women considering Open Adoption

Written by Jill Greenwood, Adoption Coordinator

I started working with Adoption Center for Family Building as a birth parent counselor for a few very important reasons.  First, the agency had two highly-qualified and experienced supervisors that could answer the questions I had about adoption and birth parents.  Second, the staff was very friendly and provided one-on-one treatment to its clients.  Finally, I joined the staff because I was passionate about women getting the support they need when considering adoption.

Being pregnant without a plan can be overwhelming.  At Adoption Center for Family Building, we can put your mind at ease by providing counseling to you throughout your pregnancy and support your plan.  We assist you through the adoption process  in a compassionate way where there is no judgment, only helpful guidance.  If your family or friends have questions during the journey, we happily answer their questions too.  We pair birth mothers with adoptive families and help facilitate and foster healthy and constructive connections among our families .  Our adoptive families are trained in vital and important skill sets including open adoption, CPR and infant safety.

As a birth parent counselor, I have been fortunate to have worked with many strong and brave women who want the best for their children.  These women are selfless, smart, kind and often struggle with the adoption decision – one of both mind and heart.  When I provide counseling to a birth parent prior to the delivery of their baby, I am able to discuss their worries, mediate any concerns, educate them about adoption laws, and handle the necessary paperwork.  Most importantly, I provide a place for women to feel comforted, and supported in their decision-making.

Adoption Center for Family Building is a private, non-profit open adoption agency licensed in Illinois and Indiana. You may contact us by email, text or phone: