Unplanned Pregnancy? What Now?

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I am pregnant. What Are My Options

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“Understanding Adoption: A Young Birth Mother’s Reflections*

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Social media connects adoptive parents and birth families

Many birth parents and adoptive parents are embracing social media and interactive communication tools like instant messaging, photo/video sharing, text messaging, and video teleconferencing, to share information and stay in touch. Carefully weigh the pros and cons and establish some ground rules before you proceed.

The Internet and Open Adoption Puts Birthmothers in the Driver’s Seat

With the advent of the internet and open adoption services, women with unplanned pregnancies have more options, choices and control than ever before.

A Mom-to-Be: Thoughts from the “Other Side” by Jan

An adoptive mom-to-be talks about her hopes, wishes and concerns as she waits to be matched with a birthmother.

Enjoying our Open Adoption: By Mary Seddon, MPH

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Open Adoption Among Birth Sisters Can Work!

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When I thought about adoption for my baby……

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