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Unplanned Pregnancy

  • A pregnant woman meets with her adoption counselor to explore options for an unplanned pregnancy.
  • This African American teenager placed her baby for adoption
  • Expectant mother and birth father have made an open adoption plan for their baby
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We Can Help You Make A Decision That's Right For You!

Call us: 800-869-1005

Adoption Agency in Illinois & Indiana

Unplanned Pregnancy?

We Can Help You Make A Decison 
That's Right for You 

Adoption Agency in Illinois & Indiana

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Find a Family

Adoption Information and resources for nurses, social workers and other health professionals

Couples in Illinois and Indiana Ready and Excited to Adopt A Baby

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Hoping to Adopt?

Adoption Services for Couples Hoping to Adopt a Baby in Illinois and Indiana

Open Adoption Agency Offers Home Studies & Infant Placement Services

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Open Adoption

Free and Confidential Counseling Services For Expectant Mothers

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